Posts By: Don Skinner

Advertising in China on Baidu: What You Need To Know


With 78.3% of the searches online, Baidu is China’s biggest search engine.  From advertising on the platform, we have found that advertising to a Chinese audience and using a Chinese online provider is hugely different than using Google, Facebook or LinkedIn across the world. Here’s some things we’ve learnt along the way: China is a heavily bureaucratic country  Baidu,… Read more »

Colour: Why It’s Important For Your Marketing


We’ve been having an ongoing discussion at Net Natives about how the use of colour in our online advertising and Apps affects the outcome of our campaigns. We’ve already done our research and we’re the first agency to pioneer using coloured borders on our clients’ ad images to make them stand out against other ads… Read more »

Cookie Law – don’t panic but here’s what to do


“Why would I panic?” you might ask. Well, from the end of the month, the European Law mandates that website owners have to make sure websites are compliant to the new “Cookie Law.” The rule used to be that if you used cookies to store information, you had to tell users how these were then used and… Read more »