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The New Cookie Law – Information for Colleges


Chances are, if you are a college, you already have a website. You may already have seen chat about the new “Cookie Law” on Twitter/Facebook etc, but as we have received a lot of queries from our Further Education clients, we thought it would be good to lay out the basic jist here. (alternatively, view… Read more »

Why your organisation needs a Facebook Page


30,485,180 people used Facebook in the UK last month. Of those users, 26,960,820 are aged 18 and over. How many of these people could be interested in fostering and/or adoption and will take to Facebook to find out more or perhaps they are already engaged and wish to share their experience? Anyone can build a… Read more »

Perfecting the Landing Page


Great, you realise that the best way to promote your fostering and/or adoption organisation is with online or social advertising. But why spend all of that time and effort and then fall at the final hurdle by not getting that potential carer (let’s call them a “click”, as every click costs!) to get in contact?… Read more »

Best Practices to Comply with Cookie Law in the UK


Here is the IAB’s own site with examples of best practice principles: Here are some great sites we like - – (DISCLAIMER – THIS IS THE NATIVES FAVOURED APPROACH) We have spoken to our account managers at Google and below is their advice regarding cookies for online advertising: “Until the 27 individual EU countries have completed… Read more »

The New EU Cookie Law for the UK


The UK law restricting cookies from websites will come into effect on 25th May 2012, giving websites a year to comply with the new act. This gives you time to gradually phase in the right approach to recognise user’s online privacy concerns. The UK government has updated the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations in response… Read more »

Social Media Policy – We like this!


At Net Natives we recognise the importance of the Internet in influencing the public of what they think about your company. Employees joining in and helping share your company and direction through blogging and interaction in social media is a good thing, as long as you are within in the guidelines of your social media… Read more »