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The Problem with Facebook’s New Competition Rules


Recently Facebook announced they would be changing the rules for running a competition within the platform – their announcement can be read in full here. For those of you that don’t already know, historically Facebook have been very strict on their competition/contest rules, only allowing them to be administered within a specialist built application or… Read more »

It’s summer time…Net Natives are making student recruitment easy…


You’ve had a flock of students show interest in your college or university this year – they’ve joined you at open days, your events and school visits. But … how are you making sure they convert into YOUR students this September? Wouldn’t it be great if you could promote targeted advertisements specifically to those potential… Read more »

The Facebook Hashtag is Coming, Ads get a Re-vamp & Instagram Video?

Facebook HashTags

  This week, Facebook (finally) announced the hashtag was coming! After much speculation, the social network we all know and love has bowed to pop culture pressure and, like many of the other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, Facebook will make hashtags on the site clickable. In a blog post published to announce… Read more »