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Open Season – Top Tips For Running Open Day Campaigns From The Experts

Open Days Season

“The Net Natives’ social and online campaigns created the biggest buzz and generated a huge turnout for our open days. Thanks!” – City College Brighton & Hove. Net Natives have run hundreds of open day campaigns for colleges all over the UK. Our ads been seen by hundreds of thousands of potential students and generated thousands… Read more »

The Techy One … Facebook Conversion Tracking and AJAX


If you’re running Facebook advertising, your ultimate goal – after brand awareness – is to generate leads, whether that’s students, foster carers or new recruits. When your advertising campaigns bring you email address after email address, you have achieved that goal. But wouldn’t it be even better if you could track each ad’s user journey… Read more »

How To Influence The Digital Native This Summer

Digital Native Infographic

After plenty of successful summers running your enrolment campaigns, we thought we’d show you all the different components that go into making sure those digital natives actually attend your college in September. Our lovely designer Sofi has created this Infographic to give you a little insight into the student mind and show you why our… Read more »

Colour: Why It’s Important For Your Marketing


We’ve been having an ongoing discussion at Net Natives about how the use of colour in our online advertising and Apps affects the outcome of our campaigns. We’ve already done our research and we’re the first agency to pioneer using coloured borders on our clients’ ad images to make them stand out against other ads… Read more »

Your Digital & Social Advertising: The Definitive Guide


Want to know your “like” ad from your “display” and when to use them? Our glossary of advertising types gives you all the information you need and a little insight into what we do for our clients… Facebook – standard ads These are the types of “standard“ Facebook ads used to promote your message. The… Read more »